Rant & Rave with Mia

rant and raveWelcome to Mia’s Diary. I’m super excited to be collaborating and contributing to The Lily Review. This is going to be fun; at least that’s the plan, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Since this is our first meeting, I thought it’d be great to start with some R&R. One of the things that we do on a daily basis is talk about something or someone or someplace. Sometimes, we rave – speak in a positive light – (like when a Matatu charges you 30bob to “tao ndani” and then actually does take you tao ndani) and other times, we’re pissed off (e.g. like when Uchumi displaces its product and then attempts to sell it to you but for the higher price and then refuses to refund the difference. Major Rant!)

I would love to hear your rants and raves for the day, week, month and year in the comments. Basically, wewe sema tu! Just come over and tell me all about it. For my part, I’ll also contribute my rants and raves, and somewhere in between, I’ll also be talking about random but interesting things. Before we can move on, here are a few pledges:

  1. I pledge to do my due diligence and keep up with you all on a weekly basis
  2. I pledge to do my best to respond to each comment so keep them coming, hata kama it’s a rant ama a rave
  3. I pledge to do my best to make this interesting and fun to read
  4. I pledge to be honest; no corruption here
  5. I pledge to stop pledging and start with my first R&R. Ready? Let’s go!

I hope you had a great start to the new year and great week to boot. My new year started out badly coz I lost my very cool, very awesome guuka but since we laid him to rest, the year is getting better. The week was uneventful but not without something to R&R about; I’ve two things to share…

Rant: I’m ranting about Uchumi in Buru. First, they placed the wrong product on the wrong isle. Next, they charged me for the wrong product at the higher price. Worse, once they confirmed that the mistake was theirs, they started giving me the runaround. They even told me that they wouldn’t give me the difference (ksh. 58!) and when I explained that they would give me back my money, they suggested I take a loaf of bread instead. Helloooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhoo, eventually, they did give me back my money but not before keeping me there for a long time unnecessarily, including having me talk to a customer service rep and a manager. Uchumi, that wasn’t cool. That’s not the way to treat a loyal customer.

Rave: This week I’m raving about a mat I pandad jana. They said “tao ndani” and for 30 bob. Guess what? They actually did go “tao ndani” and they didn’t pull any tricks. Considering how mats can do you wrong by taking you to sijui where, several km’s from the intended destination (that was me last week), I thought it’d be great for me to give them a shout-out. Sasa unfortunately I forgot to take down their name but I’ll keep an eye out and when I find out, I’ll let you guys know.

I’m dying to hear about what’s going on in your world, hata kama you’re in Kenya, America, Sri Lanka….wherever you are, share your rants and raves in the comments and if there are places or stores that we don’t know about, please elaborate.

Have a fantastic week ahead!

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