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I am a cartoon freak. There I said it. I didn’t wait for someone else to say it first. I have been forced to admit it because I was half an hour late leaving the house today because I was watching a commentary on new 3D releases that were made in 2009. Go figure!!!

Anyway, it has recently come to my attention that we don’t all watch cartoons for the same reason. Some people just think they are funny. Some people get life experience from them (like me) and some people just see the colorful pictures (like Ammon-my son by the way).

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,Back to me then, I really listen to everything that’s said in a cartoon. Really!! I can narrate just about 80% of every word in all the episodes of ‘Dexter’s laboratory’1. I know who Juniper Lee2 is and worse her little brother’s name (see footnote)3. And the one that freaked out the boys, I know Bloo’s4 full name. You thought it was just Bloo? Sorry it’s not “Blooregard Q. Kazoo”. If we had this conversation with you before, I checked the spelling. My research skills are dope- thanks to law school.

Because I know Bloo’s full name I have been labeled or rather have now eventually labeled myself a freak- cartoon freak that is. I love them. Utado5?

toy-storySo back to what I had planned to write about, 3D movies. For the last few months animation movies are no longer being made how they used to be, well at least not in Hollywood. They’re being made in 3D6 Google® that if you don’t know what I mean. I was watching the making of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 this morning. It glued me to my seat. Toy Story One is in the usual cartoon mode we are all used to i.e. 1D and then when two begins, they’re walking out of a metal detector looking like thing that converts them into 3D. That looked so cool to my geeky mind, I, just for one minute, wished I was a cartoon so I could be converted into 3D.

If you doubted that I was a geek of sorts, there I just shot every reason that had kept me in the normal side right there.

I would do this like a school paper and do definitions for you but poleni7 you can do it for yourself if you like.

The thought going through my head that one minute I was wishing I was a cartoon; this is what went through my head. I would never buy clothes or shoes, even if I was in one of those teen-type in the mall cartoons because the artist draws mine on. There would be no such thing as clothes that don’t fit because they’re drawn on. There would also be no such thing as a bad hair day. Wouldn’t it all be so cool? I think I will do it again. Just for one minute more … I wish I was a cartoon.

Then the part where I get converted into 3D, I would twirl around and around just so I can be seen all around. Maybe I would even talk to the artist about seeing to that tiny tush of mine. “Make it more realistic”, I would say. “I am not Japanese!”

It would be so great being a cartoon. But, the world is so cruel, you get born a human, you stay one.

Until next week my good people. My one minute is up8

1: Dexter’s laboratory, TM & © 2010 Cartoon Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.

2: The life and Times of Juniper Lee, TM & © 2010 Cartoon Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved

3: Ray Ray and the Dog is Munroe

4: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, TM & © 2010 Cartoon Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.

5: Swahili slang for ‘so what’ or ‘what will you do’ or both, I think we need a dictionary

6: 3 Dimensional

7: Swahili for ‘I am sorry’

8: Footnotes have been inserted in this week article because I am doing International Trade law this semester. I know how people can go gugugaga about their rights when this thing gets on the internet. Bear with me!

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