The Feminine Woman

Being a woman is hard. Ask any woman.

I know this because I am one.

We are emotional, loving, caring, tough, nurturing, strong, beautiful, complicated beings…hardly a simple combination. We cry, laugh, shop, talk for hours, eat, try on clothes, clean, cook, work and try to stay sane.

We fight, love, care, seek and try to please everyone.

butterflies flower rainbowSomewhere in each woman is a little girl who never got over the beauty of a rainbow, pretty butterflies and flowers. The little girl in her seeks to be beautiful, noticed and loved. It’s true of every woman.

Truth be told, though, many women are hardly these things. Deep down they are, but on the surface, they are tough. They are unemotional. And they couldn’t careless about the colors of the rainbow.

The problem came in when we were born in a world that is hardly a paradise. In an ideal world, women would be the lovely, captivating creatures lovingly nurturing their children and heaping love on her spouse, because she is satisfied and knows she is loved. And she would be secure in her femininity, creating beauty wherever she went ,and not trying to be a tough cookie…because she wasn’t made to be. Her man was supposed to be the tough one, and I’m not saying women aren’t tough…they are incredibly strong and can go through unbelievably hard times and come out victorious and even stronger. I mean the tough exterior, the manliness. The “I-can-do-anything-and-will-get-there-no-matter-who-i-hurt” attitude.

Femininity is tenderness and vulnerability. It’s confidence and beauty, from the inside out. This is who we were menat to be.

Unfortunately, the world took over. Demands on our time came in. broken homes resulted in insecure children, and the insecure girls grew up to be insecure women. Bad people met these insecure women and made them even more guarded, stealing away their femininity.

Femininity is precious. It is attractive. It is prized. But it is at a cost. Trust, vulnerability, confidence. These are high prices to being an ideal woman.

Where am I going with this?

Being a woman isn’t supposed to be this hard. It is supposed to be a delight. People should delight in us, in our femininity, beauty and womanhood.

And another thing, true femininity brings out true masculinity. And vice versa.

You probably haven’t met a man who was a true masculine man. A lot of things are wrong with our world. But chances are, he didn’t get a good example of masculinity to follow. Absentee dads, over-bearing mothers, life in general. It’s hardly close to perfect.

It’s a vicious cycle.

I guess what I’m trying to say is if we re-discovered ourselves, both men and women, and lived as we were created to, meant to, designed to…relationships would be easier, life would be easier, we would worry about greater things like world peace and not whether he is going to call or if he is going to leave me or if she is cheating on him….or whatever. You get the drift.

I’m re-discovering my femininity. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Maybe you can try and do the same.

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