Ask Lily: Lesbianism

I am 23 years old and i have not had the best of family settings. i detest my father as he would always beat up my mum, still does, cheats and all the evils that men do well my father is the ‘satan” of them all.i think because of this i have fell into the hands of bad men time over time, they beat me up, cheat on me emotionally blackmail me, all the like and i am thinking its all to do with the male specie. I am seriously contempplating on becoming a lesbian as i am already attracted to women but now the problem is i might never be able to share my love with the girl i am currently seeing, (she is 28 and ready to settle)as i am sort of “a celebrity” in the media industry. what do i do?


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  • diana

    What does your celebrity status have to do with anything?You are either a dyke or you’re not,period!

  • Mbũrũ Kamau

    This ‘celebrity’ nonsense is not doing any good to you.
    How can you relate your father’s behaviour to your demeaning thoughts of being a lesbian?
    Are you in need of companion or escaping from your father’s alleged mistreatment of your mum?
    If you were ‘falling in love’ with a male ‘celebrity’, I would have said you are a gold-digger.
    Stop generalizing things here – not all males are animals as you want to put it.
    Ask yourself whether you are indeed suffering a psychological problem or not.
    And remember, sex is for two purposes — Procreation and Leisure, not one but both. So tell us whether lesbianism satisfies both!

  • munene

    hey Jan, i can relate to what you are going through. But this is the picture of the lesbian in kenya or nairobi…when things are not working well or ur failing in ur life then the easiest way is to become a lesbian. then ur comments will be ..oh i cant get anything good because i am a lesbian!!! so row up, pick urself up and decide where u wanna be..

  • margy

    whats wrong with that ellen degeneres is a lesbian yet she is a great t.v host………….its normal it will be great since you will be able to speak for the others and besides this is the 21st centuart[is that the spelling] and deal with is……….

  • rossemie

    Dont involve your gud self in such a mess coz there are gud guys out there who will make you happy gal, the past has got nothing to do with your future give it a try dear

  • Lawrence

    Someone once said that we are all manufacturers. Making good, making trouble, or making excuses. As much as your dad’s misdemeanor might have affected your childhood, you are now an adult and need to take responsibility for your actions Jan. And Hey, everyone has had their share of bad relationships, you are not the first. You learn, get back on your feet and be the better person you obviously want to be. Last but not least, Pray.

  • Lyreb

    This sounds like a re-run of some old TYRA episode. From your comment it is already evident you know exactly the cause of your problems. I suggest you seek help with dealing with the emotional abuse you have gone through in your life first. Turning into Lesbianism is not a solution it just an escapist tactic.
    So what if your lesbian partner beats you, cheats on you and emotionally blackmails you….What then?
    Sort yourself out and everything else will follow… the way we attract who we are so if you go walking around acting like a victim you will definitely continue to attract abusers…be strong Woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gloria lLeah

    hi gal its all good but you know what that isnt the way.i too watched my dad hit my mum but u got to strong gal and besides that i have gotten my heart broken a zillion times but i havent changed my strong my dear itl be good in due time.Blessins are only delayed not denied,youl get one fine man

  • rikki

    wewe shida zako have nothing to do with your father. lesbians are born, not made. to me it sounds like you got into the whole lesbo thing just to get dudes (we looooove lesbians). grow up.

  • Darlene

    Jan! Geez! U nt a lesbian u trying 2 b 1. So thnk twice gal

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