Time Out

I took the longest Christmas break this past Christmas. I just packed up a bag of a few pairs of jeans and a couple of my favorite t shirts and left my life.

I didn’t say anything to anyone, well except my siblings. I didn’t say how long I would stay except to my closest friends. I just left.

That is actually why I haven’t written in a long while. I couldn’t. I didn’t have my trust cyber café up the street that I sit at with a packet of yogurt and write.

I had plans all the way up to the end of Christmas but for some reason; they didn’t seem to be what I needed. They required money, they required a designated drive if we all went drinking. They needed me to think, to strategize. Something I was not too willing to do at that time.

So I just left.

I didn’t go some place fun. I didn’t go to some place I would have room service or in the least my favorites French fries, my daily necessity before. I went to my aunt’s. Mama mdogo we say in Swahili. My mother’s sister. One of the last links to my mother we have left.

My son had been staying there for a few months so I was killing two birds with one stone.

crisps snacksIn my aunt’s house, there is no junk food. It is not allowed on a daily basis, just the one off times when people like me visit and carry loads of it.

I had thought of buying a lot of junk and having it eaten a little every day at least for a week but I didn’t.

When I got there, I was bored out of my mind for a few days. I picked up my phone and became a twitterholic. Twitter is my new social networking buddy. I am getting a husband out of it I promise you. There are so many nice people I get to talk to. (Ooh my favorite song of almost all time is playing Still by Tamia I couldn’t leave that one out)

So anyway, I didn’t eat junk because I was too lazy to go to the shops which actually weren’t that far away. Instead I bought a lot of credit to tweet. I talked a lot with a specified number of people. Seeing as these are people you might never meet I went all honest.
I told my deepest darkest secrets to total strangers. It was fantastic; a free-well almost free-visit to the psychiatrists chair.

I forgot I was bored soon enough and spent the rest of my two weeks, junk and stress free. It still beats me how I gained so much weight in two weeks. I should see my weigh machine some time soon. Maybe am not underweight anymore 🙂

So my trusty funs, I took a time out for two weeks which I have extended into the New Year because my son was to start school. I will blog about that soon. So if you’ve missed me, I love you too.

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