Hitching down?

gypsy womanFashion is an interesting thing. Being a girl, I know that an item can look perfectly good in my home mirror, then look ridiculous once I’m out on the street. Lots of times I’ve walked past those reflective windows at the bank, snuck a peek at myself, and wondered what possessed me to leave the house looking like that.

And it can’t be entirely blamed on the glass distortion factor.

An issue that bothers girls a lot is the hitching skirt. You leave the house in a pretty little dress that sits nicely on your knees. Then you get into a matatu and realise that when you sit, the skirt rides uncomfortably high. You then look for anything from handbags to scarfs to newspapers to protect the bare … um … legs. The rest of the day is spent in relative discomfort trying to pull your stray skirt down, while ‘people’ laugh and tease your false modesty. After all, they say, you knew how short the skirt was when you wore it.

Except you didn’t. Really.

My trouble yesterday was a little different. See, I’ve always liked the gypsy look. The pretty spanish tops with a billowing a-line skirt and matching boots has always done it for me. So when a few days ago I found the cutest red checked top at Tusky’s, I was somewhere above cloud nine. Yesterday I paired it with my khaki skirt and industrial leather boots and totally rocked the look.

Except for one teeny tiny problem.

You see, the top can be worn on the shoulders or off. I prefer to wear it off. Except that when your shoulders are well oiled and smooth and soft and supple, clothing tends to, well, to slip. But not in the way you’d imagine.

The image that comes to mind is of the blouse slipping seductively down to reveal a little too much cleavage, yes?


You see, my blouse wasn’t slipping down. It was slipping up.

Instead of lying snugly on my chest and revealing a little bit of shoulder, the blouse kept riding back up around my neck.

If you think it’s funny seeing a girl trying to tug her skirt down, picture one trying discreetly to pull her puff sleeves off her shoulders and down her arms and … chest.

It’s a wonder I didn’t get arrested for stripping in public.

All in a day’s walk. Pun fully intended.

I still rocked the look though…

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