Hottest Trends of the Decade

Here we are, at the end of another decade. I can’t believe 10 years has just flown by in a blink of an eye! I still remember the hype of the coming millennia when everybody was worried about what the Y2K bug will do to us – how it will shut everyone down. That was 1999 and now, 10 years has flown by. While we are left to ponder what have we achieved in the last 10 years, let’s take a look back at the trends we loved, hated and can’t get enough of……. Do you agree?

1) Bangles
green banglesStack ‘em and stack ‘em high was the wrist rule of the beginning of the 21st century. Bangle sets were plentiful from plastic to gold. Accessories fiend rocked them with both casual and dressy ensembles. I will personally attribute them to the rise of Bollywood movies where bangles were part of the set up from decades ago.

2) UGGs
Although there is nothing sexy about them, women stand behind their UGGs, professing their love for the sheepskin fleece that keep their toes so warm and nice. Ask Hollywood and I bet most stars will swear by owning at least a pair of UGG.

3) Suggestive Butts
Started off with Juicy Couture – prints on the rear of sweat pants became a hit. Whether they said “Juicy” or “Pink”, we just couldn’t help but turn our heads to read the messages on the bums of Juicy Couture and Victoria’s Secret sweatpants.

4) Labels
Labels have long been a must-have if we didn’t want to feel like we’re missing out on the big scene. It allows us to feel like we’re walking in the midst of the high-society for a while and this decade has seen the birth of businesses dealing with designer bags rental which made it affordable for fashion mavens to carry high-priced arm candy.

5) Leggings
Many have a love-hate relationship with good ol’ leggings, like me but most can’t deny their comfortable properties. People love them so much; companies have even started to manufacture the leggings-and-jeans hybrid known as jeggings.

6) Skinny Jeans
They were alive and well during the ‘80s in the acid-washed and stretchy form. But come  2003, they were given a chic makeover for fashionitas. I just love skinny jeans – they come in handy on most occasions! Have them in various colours and pair them up with pumps, heels, sneakers or boots to achieve different looks for different functions and different seasons.

7) Ballet Flats
One of my favourite must-haves. It’s the trend that fashionitas are most thankful of, including me. Step aside sky-high heels, we’ve been given the break of comfort with the lovely ballet flat. Once upon a time, sneakers were the only comfy footwear available, but thanks to Tory Burch and Cole Haan, fabulous flats have been made available to us that go with our ever-so-chic wardrobe. I just can’t even start to wonder how I lived without them before!

8) Vests
Vests came and went in the early ‘90s (I remember buying 2 or 3 vests but can’t remember wearing them at all cause they went so quickly!) but they have reappeared much stronger this decade than ever. From menswear-inspired to boyfriend knits, the sleeveless outwear has become a wardrobe must.

9) Boho Chic
Fashionitas and non-fashionitas alike have gotten behind the hippie-esque garbs in the form of skirts, head scarves and maxi dresses. Although, we have no idea how this trend came about. It just came out of nowhere overnight! Hmm….

10) Cinched Waists
trendy sunglassesThe start of the 21st century marked a lot of waist-cinching with thick black belts (think Lindsay Lohan). From dresses to sweaters, this decade, we belted practically everything.

11) Oversized Shades
We might not be movie stars but we certainly dress like one with these oversized shades. As if paparazzi would be snapping photos of us around town (think Paris Hilton & Victoria Beckham)? As it turns out, we just love the way it looks! Mysterious gal……

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