Ask Lily: Married but still in love with my ex

im a married lady with two boys.this is my 7th yr in marriage but the problem is im still very much in love with my ex.he was the only man i ever dated before my husband.i cant stop thinking about him and sometimes i feel like quitting my marriage and moving in with even tempted to get his child if i cant live with him.its like im obsessed with him.pls advice what to do,i feel like im loosing my mind. thanks.


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  • jojo

    tricky!! dats a long tym 2 be married n stil b in luv wit ur ex… maybe its infatuation. anyway its all out ur hapines!

  • Tulizana

    You have what I would call mirage syndrome.You want what is far away because you think it would be better only for you to get there and realize its similar if not worse than what you already have.
    Why did you get married if you were not sure?
    At least you admit you are obsessed.

  • teri

    7yrs is a long time 2 invest emotions & time and just give it all away 4 sm1 else. I believe we r all held @ ransom by our first loves bt we don’t quit n run 2 them. Don’t give up on your marriage 4 a future that isn’t definate. Didn’t hear u say ur husband doesn’t do u right

  • mulembe

    just think…i mean, stop n think! thez nothing like an x overpowered u with their so lovey-dovey words and or actions! Wat crap? Put an x where they belong coz honestly, thez nothing u dint agree n decided u dont want them. Wat makes u think they hv changed n now they also want u back? Oh, comon, u r smatter n better than tht! Focus on understanding ur huzzy more.

  • Sany

    evr heard of the 80-20% rule?

  • Mutangili

    Seven years is a lot and you are not telling everything…..anyways all i can advice is work on how you can love the current husband and forget the past so that you can move on positively.

  • Mutangili

    Secondly having a child out of wedlock is like committing adultery – biblically !

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