Men are hunters and women are…gatherers

dog chasing a catI heard that quote on Isidingo, and it got me thinking. At the end of the day, despite feminism, liberalism, and all the other -isms, the average man still prefers to catch his own meat. Never mind that once they catch it, they take a bite, get bored, and look for new prey. As one man said on Nini’s show, “It’s like a dog chasing a cat. What does it do with it once it catches it?”

The thrill, apparently, is in the chase. So, logically, if you want to keep enjoying the attention, chocolate, late night calls and general adoration, well girls, don’t get caught. Which goes back to playing hard to get. This is a classic case of FCT – Fox Chasing Tail.

Now mind you, here I refer to the average man. There are a few men out there who don’t mind having girls chase them. And there a lots of above-average women who are actually willing to chase! But until we can consistently get these exceptional people in the same time frame, we have to play by everyone else’s (average) rules. Guys chase, gilrs run, guys catch girls, guys get bored and chase other girls.

Unless of course we 21st century girls can pull a rabbit out of our hats. Theoretically, if we can find a way to chase without chasing, we’re set. What if a girl can get a guy to ask her out without him knowing it’s her idea? Theoretically sound, but how? And I don’t mean the dropping handkerchiefs – licking lips – casual conversation routine. It has to be subtle. He shouldn’t recognize what you’re doing.

There’s a movie with Mandy Moore (I forget the name) where a guy says
“When I ask you out, you’ll think you’re asking me out.”
“You want to go out with me?”
“See, what did I tell you?”

I want to meet the guy who wrote that script. But seriously ladies, if we could just figure out how to pull that on guys, we’re one step closer to the prize. If any of you figures out how, help me!!

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