The “Church Girl, Church Guy” Phenomenon

Holy Family Basilica Cathedral Kenya InteriorA phenomenon that I have always heard about recently came knocking at my door. I never used to believe the “rumors” that guys go to church to look for nice Christian girls to marry or date or whatever, well, that was until it happened to me.

See, I am your average church girl. I grew up in church, I go to church, I am involved in church, I talk about church…really, I am a church girl.

This is not necessarily a good thing, according to some. Family members and random acquaintances used to warn me…as much as you go to church, watch out for those church men.



I have never dated one and the guys I have dated or “dated” have never been church guys. And granted, they were nothing to write home about, many hurt me and with many I found out we had nothing in common and nothing worth building a future on, after all the pixie dust and starry eyes had worn off and grown dim.

So what could be worse, church guys? I think not!

Anyway, so I met a church guy. Boy, was I excited! Finally I get to meet someone who speaks my language!


Suffice it to say I learnt that not all church guys are really there for church. Some are there to score. Period.

My dear fellow church girls, watch out.

I have even heard crazy stories of guys who, once they have their eyes set on a particular focused, church-going, devout mamasita, go on to volunteer for the worship team, intercessors fellowship and Bible study ministry.

I once heard of a guy who borrowed his girl’s Bible once and proceeded to highlight  all her favorite verses that she had highlighted in his own Bible. So the next time they met and the girl happened to look at the guy’s Bible, she was more than overjoyed to find that they shared a love for the exact same Bible verses. It must have been fate, nay, divine intervention!

Yeah right.

I’m not saying all church guys are fake. Some are really devout and serious. Sadly, those ones are either married or engaged.

I’m just saying, the myth that there are girls who are dated and those who get married is not a myth. It’s a cold truth. That’s why strange guys are “converting” and flocking in churches nowadays.

Somewhere along the way, all we can do is hope that somehow God transforms them, even in their deception.

Meanwhile, church girls, watch and pray!

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