Ask Lily: Should I date him or build my career

hi,iam 22 yrs old. am an attachee in a tour company in mombasa.there is this guy,we used to be neighbours and friends when we were kids.right now we are all grown up and he wants to date me.but i feel like am not ready yet. am building my career right now.i dont know what to do,he is a very nice guy. am confused, he maybe God sent i may be throwing my luck away and on top of all,i dont want to hurt him.please help me.


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  • joy

    I was somehow in a same relationship,the guy was holding me back from my career growth.When we parted ways im more focused than ever.I learnt to think with my head not heart.

  • Liz

    Why should being in a relationship mean that your career suffers. Hes not worth it,if he doesnt support ur career…..
    Does being with you mean that he gives up on his career.
    Your too young to make such decisions,that will affect the rest of your life.

  • Lawrence

    Why do women always combine career and relationships? Ever wonder how a guy can manage to run a marriage and 5 different ‘mpango wa kando’s and somehow still excel in his career? Its all about priorities, there’s time to work, and time to love, i don’t think one should not supersede the other.

  • http://yahoo milly

    combine career and relationship.borth have an important place in this life.balance gal, balance.

  • Natasha Mambo

    love is the thing all we need and has got nothing to do with your career Aggie you can work hard and hard to build up your career but end of the day you need someone to love you,to make your world so special,to comfort you when face some ups and down, to share your feelings and ideas.

    I think God he was right to create a man and a woman when its your right time take it my love

  • andrew


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