The Big O

the big oSo Lady Love has been quiet for some time but guess what I must say that it is for the better. This is because it has been a time for me to read research and practice, practice, practice.

I feel obliged to ask this question. Knowing well that sex education is important in our society following that teens are doing what has forever been our “adults only “indulgence. My question is, do fireworks go off when you have your big O? Or can we comfortably say that something just a little tingly feeling happens when you have an orgasm or just a new feeling of enthusiasm nothing big or major. Whichever category you fall in, you are perfectly normal.

As I said I have been away doing a little discovering, thanks to Google and my ob-gyn,I learnt a couple of secrets that I would really like to share with you. At this point I would like to issue a disclaimer that you must must must add a personal element or a touch of your own personality.

We all know that where there is a lot of friction, a fire may ignite. This is the same thing that happens when it comes to sex. Friction ultimately leads to the ultimate sin.

TIP: Get on top. It is easier to direct your partner to your g-spot.

Whoever said men are dogs was not so wrong. No offence to our brothers, but men sure can take direction. So please do not shy away in telling him where you want him to touch you and when it feels good please give the champ a Scooby snack and tell him he has just won gold in the sexathon.

TIP: Be real. In fact be as real as you can. If it feels good, say it! Say it nicely, softly and excitedly.

It’s true that the longer the buildup, the bigger the explosion, ask sexologist Getrude Mungai. Work yourselves as close to an orgasm as you can and then, believe it or not, slow it down to a simmer.

TIP: Breathe. Both of you. Breathe deep and from the bottom of your belly. This way you get to use as little energy thus helping you save up on the energy you will need to finish the race.

Make foreplay as interesting and unconventional as you can. Try different things. Let your man know that one hour of begging is not foreplay…I read this from a note in face book.

TIP:  Use sex foods such as chocolate or oysters to build up your sex hormones.

According to health magazine, a study carried out in France that included 500 French women established that 70% of women confessed that work related stress compromised their sex drive. As you may know, when your libido is low, chances of you getting an orgasm are reduced.

TIP: Leave you stresses at the office. Talk only about the good things that happened in your day.

Once again my dear readers, that’s all I have. Feel free to add on your experiences and tips and yeah…your experiences. I said that twice!

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    Very interesting, i have learned a few things from your piece.

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