5 Ways to Spot A Replica Louis Vuitton Bag

louis vuitton aquarelle bagIt is not always easy to spot replica Louis Vuitton Handbags, especially when many buyers are unfamiliar with the genuine designer goods. It gets even scarier when the advisers in LV boutiques themselves cannot tell the difference! It has happened to a friend’s friend who, in Australia, bought a genuine LV bag and then bought a top-grade LV replica. She brought the replica back to LV saying she wants an exchange for a different design. At the end of the day, 1 to girlfriend, 0 to LV. She ended up with 2 genuine handbags for the price of 1!

Thank goodness for us, there are ways to spot a replica. It comes down to us to spot them and not be a victim of replicas.

Note the tag on the handle. On genuine Louis Vuitton goods there is only one outside stitching, whereas a fake will feature two white stitching outlines on the tag on the handle.

Take a look at the buckle shape. A genuine Louis Vuitton bag features a round silver buckle. Replica Louis Vuitton handbags may include a square silver buckle.

Examine the interior. Counterfeiters often neglect the interior of the bag. An authentic Louis Vuitton bag will have red or honey-colored canvas lining, fine microgram textile, cross-grain leather, or microfiber suede. If your Louis Vuitton is lined with cheap tan or brown suede, it is more than likely a replica.

Pay attention to the hardware. Replica Louis Vuitton handbags will often use painted gold plastic for hardware. However, authentic Vuitton goods feature gold or brass metal hardware.

Plastic is not used as a material in the crafting of Louis Vuitton bags.

And finally, although this final identifying factor is rarely helpful at the time of purchase, genuine Louis Vuitton handbags are created to stand the test of time. The natural cowhide leather used in the design of Vuitton bags is oxidizing and will turn a dark golden honey color over time. Replica Louis Vuitton handbags will not experience this color change because they are frequently crafted from plastic.

There are many other ways to spot a replica however the above the are the most simple and quick way to spot a replica in a shop, especially when you do not have all day comparing your checklist with the bag before you get hauled up by the security guard.

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  • bailey

    As I was reading this, I removed my LV purse from my bag to inspect it…I bought it second-hand at a very cheap price from a hawker who didn’t understand its worth…
    I am pleased to announce that it’s a genuine LV product! :-)

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/anshii/ anshii

    Lucky you! Congratulations! :)

  • http://louisvuittonmens.blogspot.com/ LV Mens

    It’s actually very hard to spot an LV replica. They just make them look so much like the real ones of course. It’s really hard however, but I when the real LV materials are just awesome.

  • Ann

    You know it’s actually not that difficult but you just have to be very detailed. The reason why the fake ones (we’re talking the good quality fakes) are so much like the real ones is because they are using the same leather! They are actually real extra unused leather of LV or any other brands.

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