Give your face the perfect glow [Part 3]

almost powder makeupThe purpose of powder is to keep foundation on longer, to set the foundation(keeps it from slipping) add a little more coverage , take away shine and give the skin a polished flawless look.

Since make up looks very different in the package than it does on your face then just like foundation it’s important to try it on your skin before you buy. The secret to powder is to get one with a yellow undertone and one that’s a shade lighter than your foundation. It will make your skin look natural, healthy and radiant.

There are four types of powder that come in loose powder form or pressed powder form. Loose powder is used when you first do your make up. It’s usually applied with a large powder brush. Always apply powder with a light hand, building it up when you need to. The key here is to apply it delicately and sparingly.

Pressed powder comes in a compact. Normally used for touch ups and to combat midday oiliness.

Types of powder

  • Translucent:- This powder is not transparent. It has a gray-pink tone that looks   artificial and makes the skin look pasty. It’s great for setting concealer because pigmented powder can make the area you are trying to conceal appear darker.
  • Pigmented: – This is the regular powder that we are used to. It can be used alone to create a clean fresh look or over foundation. It should be one shade lighter than the foundation
  • Powder Foundation:- Offers full coverage and keeps shine under control. Can be used as a sheer foundation when applied with a wet sponge
  • Illuminating: These are sheer powders that have light reflecting properties and a slight shimmer. It can be used over foundation or alone. Their purpose is to enhance the features and add dimension to the face wherever they are applied.

Beyonce’s dewy, shimmery and glowing skin is to die for. How about J.Lo’s sun-kissed skin? Beautiful. These women and other Hollywood stars have discovered the secret to glowing skin – Bronzer. Bronzers are used to highlight your face with a healthy glow by mimicking the sun’s effects. They give your skin a sun-kissed look. They are meant to warm your skin and not to color it.
When using bronzers apply sheer or no foundation. Also go light on the makeup. Apply bronzer on a clean, dry and matte face. Be sure to apply blush before the bronzer. Since our skin is brown, the bronzer will not show up on our skin anyway but when it’s blended over a rosy blush, the rosy-bronze gives it a slightly sunburned look.

Never go more than two shades darker than your regular skin tone. A little shimmer in your bronzer will go a long way. However, too much will make the skin look unnatural.

When going for a sun-kissed look, apply bronzer with a big fluffy brush and concentrate on the areas where the sun naturally hits your face – cheekbones, bridge of nose and forehead and blend well.

Remember to always use the bronzer sparingly.

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