Women – Our Own Worst Enemies

venus symbol female women girlsSo girls, let’s have a heart to heart.

Why do we hate each other, spite each other and bring each other down?

Why do we use bad words on each other…the B word, the WH word, the S word?

We are all the same, we go through the same stuff, we have the same emotional make-up, we look pretty much the same inside…so shouldn’t we stick together?

Girl 1: “That B stole my boyfriend!”

Girl 2: “How could she? She just looks like something the cat dragged in anyway.”

Girl 1: “I gave her a piece of my mind though. I told her he will always be my man and I am going to get him back!”

Girl 2: “You go girl, let her know what she is messing with. That guy deserves better and that’s you.”

Hello?? Anything wrong with that conversation?? The MAN cheated on you. It’s more his fault than hers!

“I deserved that promotion more than she did. She probably slept her way to the top.”

“What the hell is that she’s wearing? Somebody call the fashion police!”

“That woman’s house needs to be on How Clean Is Your House. Have you seen it? It’s so filthy! She has kids and works two jobs but please…that’s no excuse. I can do better.”

“No wonder her husband left her. Look at how she dresses. And she sure has put on the pounds.”

And on and on and on.

Why do we do this to each other?

Women are the only ones who can best understand each other. They are the only ones who can understand the pain a woman goes through in any situation because they are made the same emotionally.

Only  a woman can tell a fellow woman where to get he best hairdos, the cheapest clothes and the best house helps.

Only a fellow woman will know that dark-colored clothes make you look slimmer than lighter ones. That getting cheated on makes you feel, more than anything else, less of a  woman. That having kids and raising them is a full-time job, leave alone cleaning and maintaining a home. That sometimes all you need is a good cry without anyone saying anything but just being there while you bawl your eyes out (men, take notes).

That sometimes women need to be appreciated…no…all the time.

And the last thing we need is to destroy each other.

Look at the men.

They are always supporting each other.

Listen to a conversation involving men taking about some guy who was caught cheating with someone’s wife. You won’t even hear them berate the guy, they will look for every excuse to support the guy, moreover will even congratulate him on his conquest. And that’s when the guy is on the wrong.

But look at us women. Even  when one of us does something right, jealousy takes over and we annihilate her actions and drag her reputation through the mud.

Are we so insecure in ourselves?

If anything, let’s take a lesson from the guys. Let’s band together.

Speak well of every woman you meet.

Compliment each other.

Be there for each other.

United we will be a force to reckon with. And we all know we have something extremely special to give to the world right? Something uniquely ours.

Let’s do it. Let’s change the world. Together.

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