Self Realization: Beauty and the Brains

Louis Vuitton bagI recently bought my first authentic Louis Vuitton bag and the many complements I seem to be getting about it especially the fact that its pink is well worth how much it would have cost me to get a new one from the shops. Obviously mine isn’t new and didn’t cost me the $125 I later realized it was worth after a very long search on the web for a bag just like it. But I have made such a big deal about it being a Louis since I saw it.

If you and I were buddies, you would know that up until now I have never cared much about my appearance. In fact a girl friend of mine once had to point out that I had worn the same pair of jeans Monday through Friday just to get a rise out of me so I wouldn’t do it again. I haven’t stopped. That sort of thing really doesn’t matter at all. Really! So its been a really big weekend of self discovery for me when I found out that I do care about my appearance. Well at least this all started with a Louis Vuitton bag. It’s well worth it that I came in with style.

One of the things I have happened to discover is that I often stare at guys from behind to get a peek at the Tommy Hilfiger boxers showing at the top of their jeans or whatever else is being sported at the same time. It doesn’t matter that the stuff is fake! I notice and I form an opinion of the poor sap from the look of his boxers. You all do it don’t deny it. The only difference between me and you is the fact that I have confessed that I do. But note this however; I would never date a guy whose boxers the whole world gets to see along with me. I like the idea that am the only one that gets to see you naked or at least in your boxers so if everyone else sees them too am afraid I won’t want you!

I also noticed that whenever am getting dressed in the morning, I change into at least three outfits before I settle on the one that works the best for me for the day. My brother even says that people like me should have a uniform for everyone’s sake like how Dexter from Dexter’s lab has a wardrobe full of the same outfit he wears everyday.

I have also noticed that I ‘hate’ on chicks on the streets just like they hate on me. You know, the staring every chick who you think is dressed better than you and making a mental note of what she is wearing and planning to get the same for yourself. I hadn’t noticed that I did that until now.

With this new set of information I can stop acting like a geek, dressing like one and the whole long list of things that I do that make me seem geeky. I am girly, I have always been. I have more pink in my wardrobe than I care to admit and I hadn’t even noticed it before. I knew I had brain and almost always people expect me to thrill them with my brilliance. Now I realize I an wow too! Even if people notice my bag more than me, I can get attention. It’s like the theory about rich men getting beautiful chicks no matter how ugly they are. It’s not all about my body. I can have beauty and brain too. It just all depends on how many more pradas and vuittons I have to collect.

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