Wedding Invitations – The Basics

wedding invitations photo courtesy of KinkaYou’ve probably received a wedding invitation card at some point. They often come in different shapes, sizes, fonts and colors but the message is basically the same; WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!

The essentials of a Wedding Invitation
A wedding invitation is simply a card that informs your friends, family, workmates e.t.c. that you and your partner are intending to tie the knot, and all the details that pertain to the ceremony. The wedding invitation card should at the minimum contain the following information:

  • The Bride’s Name
  • The Groom’s name
  • Your wedding message & announcement of intention to marry
  • The Wedding Date
  • The Wedding Venue
  • The Wedding Timings

The wedding invitation is often presented alongside with the other wedding stationery. This includes:

  • The Wedding program
  • The Wedding ceremony and reception map
  • The RSVP (reply) card

So how do you make your wedding invitation card showcase you and your fiancé’s distinctive taste? Here are some Waridi Tips and pointers on how to go about making your big announcement in style:

The wedding invitation style
The style of the invitation card is largely dictated by the wedding theme; for example for a garden themed wedding, you could have dried flowers and twigs attached to the card with tiny seeds sprinkled creatively on the invitation paper. Incase you and your fiancé are musical, have your wedding invitation on a Compact Disc…with the wedding details printed on the cds, and your favorite music on the cd. You can express your individuality by choosing unique sizes, textures, colors and ribbons.

The wedding invitation card material
Believe it or not, you don’t have to print your wedding invitations on paper. As a couple you have a lot of options. Apart from paper, you could print your wedding invitation on cloth, wood and even plastic! For example for a Maasai themed wedding, the invitations could be printed on bark cloth! You just have to find what suits you in terms of cost and style.

The Wedding Invitation Color
This weddings color scheme largely determines the color of the invitations. The wedding invitation color acts as a guide for the guests to know well in advance what the wedding color scheme is. Play around with your wedding colors to create a fitting wedding invitation!

Decorating your Wedding Invitations
Wedding cards accessories help to accentuate the wedding theme e.g. for a Butterfly wedding theme one could opt to attach butterflies to the wedding card or embroider butterfly patterns on cloth. Pressed and dried roses could also be glued onto the wedding card for a Rose Wedding theme! Font styles and graphics are also considered as decorative elements. Try using regal style font for your wedding invitation card.

Photo courtesy of Kinka

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