Ask Lily: She believes that her ex will come back to her

my friend has a problem and would like to help her out though do not know how to do it.her boyfriend left her simply coz she had done something wrong to him in the past and she is stressed coz she has never met a person like him before.he is someone who does not like entertaining ladies much when they approach him and is very caring and loving guy. the problem is that he calls her in weird hours of the night and they talk as they used to before when they were lovers and they are good friends. she luvs the guy so much and does not believe in getting another man like him who will fill the gap that has been left.more so she believes that the ex will come back to her.should she still wait for him?advice me on what to tell her bearing in mind that the girl still luvs him so much. thanks

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  • Mia

    I’m no expert but I think that she should create some distance for now. If he’s calling her at odd hours of the day, that implies that he’s idle and wants his ego soothed but in reality he’s not interested in her anymore.

    A friend of mine likes to say that “men understand distance and/or silence.” What she means is that once you pull away from a man (e.g. not taking his late night phone calls), you soon come to discover if he’s interested or not. This same friend also likes to say that “if a man is interested, nothing will stop him. If not, nothing will keep him.”

    I’d advise your friend to stop the long, late night phone calls or keep them very short: like 5-10 minutes. More importantly, I would advise her to go out and get a life, and I don’t say this in a mean way but she needs to re-discover that she was whole before she met him and she shouldn’t give that up now. Ultimately, she must discover for herself that a partner can compliment you but they can’t and shouldn’t complete you.

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