Of animals, colours and psychology [Part 1]

We did this test in psychology class once where the professor asked us what our favourite animal was, then shrunk our heads based on it. She also had us draw a house and a human, but more on that later.

There’s a second test, but you can only do it if you don’t cheat. First, list your three favourite animals, in order of preference. If you don’t have a favourite animal, then shut your eyes for a few minutes and think about three animals that make you happy. Preferrably not on a plate.

Done? Now give a few reasons why you like them. Remember, no peeking, and be honest.

white dogNow, the results. The first animal represents what you think you are. It’s how you imagine people view you. For example, my favourite animal is a dog. I like them coz they’re cuddly and loyal, but sometimes their devotion can be annoying, especially when I want me-time. I’m big on personal space.

And yes, I do think people find me, huggable,  devoted but somewhat clingy, and not in the wet t-shirt or Victoria secrets kind of way.

The second animal, is what you think of yourself. I like black cats, because they are dark, graceful and elegant, and because everybody is a little bit scared of them, what with talk of witches and genies and whatwhat. And also because people would think me utterly weird for having one. I even have a name for my eventual black cat – Ebby.

Ehe, well, when I think of myself, I think dark skinned, weird, and scary. My brother  describes me as Goth, and while I deny it vehemently, I do secretly feel that everybody is afraid of me. It’s not that I’m a frightening person, I’m just like any other brown, grey or siamese cat, but my appearance, facial expression, hairdo and connotation makes people think I’m scary. I think. Plus I’m vaguely fascinated with the occult…

The third choice, well, apparently people can easily identify the first two animals, but have trouble pointing out the third. When I was asked, I rattled out all three instantly. I said ‘Dogs, black cats and fish.’

The reason I chose fish is that I’d been staring at an aquarium that morning, and I thought the fish were just fascinating! They were so pretty all swimming around in their little world, caged in this glass tank that holds them in, protected, yet somehow trapped, ornamental, decorational. I think they don’t really realise how closed in they are, because the glass lets them see the world, so they don’t feel like they’re missing anything.

They can’t go outside the glass without dying, so they are safe. Yet they could have so much more if they were somehow free to go outside the tank. There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be experienced, a whole pond, river, sea or ocean that they’ve never even seen. Yet they will never know because they will never leave that tank … unless they’re dead.

That’s almost sad, isn’t it. They live purely for the benefit of others, never for themselves, and the worst part is, they aren’t even smart enough to know it.

The third animal, my fish, represents who you really are.

dolphinDolphins are fish, right? They’re cute, intelligent, fun-loving and fun-loved. I mean nobody hates dolphins, except killer whales. And sharks.  They’re amazing to watch, awesome to play with, and they make everybody happy. One of my fantasies is to swim with dolphins in the open ocean.

Aw crud. I should have gone with dolphins for that third choice…

Your turn. And no cheating!

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Crystal Ading' is a professional author, editor, rock lover and mother. Her work is available through threeceebee.com.

  • Mama Crys.

    True, that!
    The beauty of it is that .knowing yourself well,allows you to adjust as you desire-the hard part is that you need the Holy Spirit to help you with that. Otherwise,well-done!!

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/bailey/ bailey

    My three animals were dog, tiger and black panther (jaguar).
    So I think I am like a dog, I think of myself as a tiger and who I really am is a jaguar. Cool!
    But it seems as if all these are the same thing…who I am, who i think I am, what I think of myself…isn’t that the same thing?

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/crystal/ Crystal

    It’s all in how you look at it. In your case, if you feel it’s all the same thing, then could be the three different animals you chose represent three different sides of your nature…

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/crystal/ Crystal

    Hi mum :-)

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