The Great Divide: My Wisdom Truths

man & womanIt often happens in my mind that when I get mad at a guy, I plot about how I will get each and everyone one of them out of my life. Am probably not the only one but this happens so often that I have come with a whole list of all the reasons why it would be better for me to. I use it all the time to convince myself. That particular list however is a little futile again thinking the way that I do.

In law when we learn a new rule, we learn all its core principles, its history: the reason why it came to be in the first place. Then we are taught the exceptions, the different circumstances where it has to be ignored for the greatest good.

I have applied this theory to my woes with men. The rule is this: men and women are always going to be different. You can use the Mars-Venus theory if you like but that is just how it is. They will never be able to understand us and we will never be able to understand them. It’s just wise to quit trying. That is rule. Take it as it is.

The history of the rule is that God made woman from and for man. We are even made from different ingredients. Bet you never concluded that before huh? Even if He did eventually use mud to mould woman He used one thing more than he did creating man. That may be the cause of the difference between us or it may not but it’s a fact. Take that as it is too.

There are always going to exceptions: the chick who just acts like a guy, the chick who is a guy inside (biology-wise), the guy who acts like a chick… I could keep going if they hadn’t already stopped rolling in my mind.

And now to my three wisdom truths, the reasons why I should stop trying to rub them out of my life because it’s pointless anyway. It’s a very short list but its very convincing nonetheless.

1. They are always going to be there.
Let’s face it. This planet was built for both of us. There is no more right by one gender to claim that earth belongs to them more than it does to the other so no one is going to get to kick the other out. Even with a court order no one is going to budge.

2. We are always going to be different
I have said it and just incase you didn’t get it…we were made from different ingredients. Unless somehow they were created a fresh from the rib of a man or we are moulded from mud like them, that’s how it’s always going to be.

We have to get with the program on this one thing.

3. We are always going to need them
I have a little boy and brother that I dearly love and very many times they get me out of a tough spot I couldn’t get out of by myself so I need them.

It doesn’t matter if its just to get your aerial put up or your drainage fixed you must admit it too…we can’t live without at least one man in our lives. And that’s the truth!

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