Tusker Project Fame 3: The final 5 and the winner is…

From the talk and the number of the Facebook groups propping the contestants, it looks like its going to be a close one. It wont be like Idols East Africa where Eric was in the finals with Nicolette but it was clear he was going to win. That last show was merely a formality! This time the compe is tight.

alpha caroline maureen nganga patricia
Alpha Caroline Maureen Ng’ang’alito Patricia

With 3 days to go, who do you think is going to take it home? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Saturday was definitely not Maureen’s night! First Juliana told her that she should fire her fashion stylist and then she got the least number of votes. She left TPF3 that night.

The Sunday finale saw Alpha Rwirangira crowned Tusker Project Fame 3 Winner. Kenya’s Ng’ang’alito came in 2nd, Uganda’s Caroline 3rd and Kenya’s Patricia 4th.

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