Ask Lily: My husband’s best friend tells me that he’s cheating on me

I was wondering what to do coz i have stayed with my husband for 4yrs and lately i was told by his best friend that he is cheating on me. And that now he has 3chics. The friend was so wiling to help me catch him and he promised to help me if i was willing to find out the truth.i have not yet caught him but i am wondering why did the best friend turn against him all of a sudden.I am really stressed please help.We have a one year one son.Should i ask him if he is having an affair and not mention the friend or should i wait and catch him coz am sure the friend will assist me. Thanks


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  • beatrice

    Hi dia,

    Just read what you are going through and ma advice to you is take care your husband’s friend could be playing mischief. He could be an otherwise if you trust him, then ask interested party in you. But your hubby and never ever tell him where you got the information from.

    All the best dia.

  • Mbũrũ

    When the cooks are in the kitchen making meals for the guests, each of them tries to do the best, but at the end, the meals get spoilt.
    Same here, if your husband is cheating on you, don’t employ people to investigate that on your behalf. Find out on your own.
    This best friend of his, is playing mischief and Mr. Morality, and it could end up destroying your relationship!

  • Lawrence

    Ann, guys never tell on their friends, leave alone best friends, to their friend’s spouses, period. This guy is up to something very sinister. Be careful.
    As for your husband, if you get proof that he is cheating on you, the solution isn’t slapping him in the face with it. You will only turn him into a defensive animal. And that’s the worst state a man can be in. There are clever ways of bringing your man around (if you love him and want him back that is). Like talking to his mentor, show him the proof and ask him to help your husband realize his mistake. You’ll be surprised when one day he comes home repentant, confesses and asks for you forgiveness. It calls for patience, and lots of prayers on your part.
    All the best.

  • jiji

    You all are seriously retarded. I agree that this “best friend” might be up to something, that is not the point. The point is that this man is cheating on you, what if one day he comes to confess that he has been cheating and he also has HIV? What will you do then? My advice would be to find out what the hell is going one and videotape him secretly with all these women and one day play the video for him and tell him you will leave. Women have put up with so much from the beginning raising your child will be hard task to do by yourself, but dont wait til you are 50 to try and find someone who loves you.

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