The Power of Suggestion

Most women use science to justify certain facts in their lives and here is one such piece to make you think that even science supports you.

Its been said that the power of suggestion is so great that in a classroom situation a student knowing a right answer can say the wrong one just because they heard someone else say it. In life it happens too. Remember your friend who told you that a certain guy that you both know has always had a thing for you? Then for some reason you started noticing him a lot and seeing all the good traits that he had that you had never noticed before? That’s the power of suggestion.

Human nature is inclined to self preservation. If an opportunity presents itself that makes you believe even to the slightest extent that heading in that direction would save you time or even some embarrassment, you will most likely head in that direction.

But enough about the facts lets see how this can be of use to you in real life.

I recently met someone who by the power of suggestion made a totally different person in less than a month. I have always been slow to trust and even slower to fall in love because of my past. I had learnt to tread carefully, be cautious and whatever else you might call it. But with him the tables were turned. He treated me like such a queen. Spoiled me rotten in fact and the important fact told me he loved me at least 10 times a day. I counted once in fact. It didn’t matter how he did it he just always did. When he was in a meeting he’d send me a text that just says I love you and nothing more. In the morning when I woke up there was almost always a text he sent while I was asleep saying I love you. When we spent time together he would say I love you a million times too. So I finally began to accept it and stopped fighting him. He loved me. That was just how it was. So I began to like him even more. Knowing that I was the apple of his eye just made me the more radiant. I felt his love and soon enough I was ready to say it back. The power of suggestion…it does work.

If it works for something so complex, something all of us agree needs a lot more than caution, imagine what it could do for you if you just tried to use it for yourself.

Make it work for you. It’s like I chant. “Honey, I need a new car” every morning is annoying I agree. But how about “honey you always take good care of me” a million times before you say the one “honey I need a new car”. Think about it. If it were you would you buckle if that’s how your partner worked getting you to buy them a new car?

Just try it! That’s all I can say.

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