Ask Lily: Advise me on how to loose weight

Please advise me on a way to loose 10kgs in a months time. i tried the gym but it did not help. i have a wedding in september to attend and i want to look hot.i got sick and gained so much weight loosing it is becoming hell but am determined to because i do not like being this big. thank you.

Amy *

* The names have been changed for privacy purposes.

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  • Kate

    Hi lilly, I just wanted to ask how I could lose ten kilos within five weeks. I weigh 70 kilos and I’m 165 cm (which I think is 5ft) at the moment and want to reach 60 kg before my bestfriends engagement. I am eighteen years old and I’m desperate for advice. Please email me back once you get this! Oh and I wanted to start going for jogs or walks but its always raining outside and the weather is terrible! I’ve also joined a gym that is a 30 minute drive away from me which I have no transport to because I do not have a car, I looked up bus routes but it would take atleast two hours to get there which I have no time for! please help! thank you

  • Kate

    and this gym I joined is by contract so I cant pull out or else I’ll have to pay a large fee of over 600 dollars, so I cannot join a more local gym. I’m pretty much helpless and seeking hope at this point.

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