Bridesmaids Dressed To Kill [Part 2]

Bridesmaids dressed to kill2 photo courtesy of Jude Gichumbi

Bridesmaids Booty
Previously in this article we had looked had looked at the basics of designing choosing your bridesmaids attire, but in this article we will delve into the deeper details of getting your bridesmaids to look divinely delicious.

Women come in all shapes and sizes so you can bet your bridal party will be an interesting mix! it is often advisable for the bride, to choose a color palette from which the bridesmaids will choose their color outfits, and to decide on the length of their outfits.

For the small and petite bridesmaid, you could recommend that she opts for a dress that has a sheath design. A sheath design has the following characteristics it is form fitting from and contours the body from the top to the hemline. It is a fitting design.
For the  bridesmaid with an hour glass figure you could advise her to  go for the mermaid/ fish design. This design is perfect for her because it flatters the figure. The mermaid/ fish design is form fitting and often flares to the floor from the Knee into a mermaid/ fish design.

For the bridesmaid who is well endowed in her bust area and is slightly tall you could suggest  that she  chooses the ball gown design which is a gown that has a well defined waistline and often ends up into a fuller skirt.

Incase your bridesmaids are totally clueless about their body silhouettes and would need a gown that flatters all their bodies in synchrony then you could have them choose an A-line design. This design universally flatters all body types. It starts with a well defined waistline that eventually ends up in a full body skirt. The A-line is also  good for the bridesmaid who is  pregnant and is in her first or second trimester.

The necklines on the bridesmaids dresses are often relative to their personal choice and what  flatters their neckline.

Color me beautiful
With regards to the colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses this is often decided upon by the bride. As the bride you ought to present your bridal party with a color palette for your bridesmaids to choose from that rhymes with your wedding colors.Break the monotony of having the same color replicated in your bridal wedding party by providing them with a variety of colors to choose from. The right choice color is often dependant on the bridesmaids color tones. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their color based on a color palette also ensures that they choose a color that they will be comfortable in and hence making the dress more practical for use after the wedding.

Seam Synchrony
Ensure that all your bridesmaids’ dresses are stitched at the same location. Before the dresses are stitched make sure that the correct body measurements are taken to allow for perfect fitting of the bridesmaids dresses.Do not make a mistake of having the dresses stitched by different seamstresses this will lead into an ugly mess that will forever be captured in your wedding photos. Trust me you do not want this to happen!

Recyclable Reusable
Want your bridesmaids to wear their dresses after the wedding? Then avoid using loud screaming fabrics like satin, and if you use it  ensure that the colors are not too bright nor the design not too loud. I am almost certain that you have ever  walked around Nairobi and spotted the odd lady dressed in a sceaming bridesmaids dress, it does not look pretty.

After the wedding have your bridesmaids take their dresses to the dress maker who can alter them accordingly either using additional fabric, removing fabric or  hemming the dress, hence making the dress wearable.

In case of the budget bridesmaid, who can’t afford to have her dress redesigned change the dress look by using the necessary jewelery accessories.

So this is a summary of the steps that you need to take when choosing bridesmaids dresses:

  • Choose a good seamstress/tailor that has a good portfolio for bridesmaids dresses.
  • With the help of your bridesmaids and seamstress choose a particular color palette that rhymes well with your color scheme and that will offer the bridesmaids a good color range.
  • Have the seamstress measure the bridesmaids. She/ He should advise you accordingly on who should wear what style. Use the notes above as an aid. Choose the designs for each bridesmaid.
  • Shop for accessories that will complement the bridesmaids dresses designs and style.
  • Schedule for dress fitting appointments with the seamstress that should be scattered accordingly within the timelines of the wedding planning process.

Photo courtesy of Jude Gichumbi.

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