Ask Lily: Child Support

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I have a 1 and 1/2 yr old very beautiful daughter. I am supporting her all by myself. The father ran away as soon as he heard am expecting and his first idea was abortion, which i refused. When i asked him for support he said he has moved on with his life and should i dare to go to court, he will quit his job so that i don’t get any share from him. what do i do as i cannot afford a lawyer?


My name is Dorothy and I am a single mother (parent) trying to help mothers like you address this issue of Child Support. The Law is the biggest problem in addressing this issue…..however there is the Children’s Act of 2001 which is very clear on the Rights of the child especially the Parental Responsibilities of the father even when you are not married. Please get one from the Government Printers and read section 23 and 25.

Meanwhile, keep pushing him and don’t give up, I would advise that you keep those messages he threatens that he will leave his job….they will come in handy. If anything DARE him to carry out his threat and leave his job.

He might have moved on with his life, but he has a responsibility to his child…that child did not choose its parents…..ask him to grow up and be a MAN…..A REAL MAN!!

Let me know if you need any more information. You can visit our website

My thoughts and prayers to you and baby…keep strong!!


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