Overthinking 102

pizzaJaimie did call me eventually. We go too far back for him to shut me out completely. Phew! His response is interesting though. He has chosen to act like nothing happened. No mention of lions or gazelles or asking out. Though in all fairness, I didn’t actually ask him out. I just asked what he would do IF I asked him out, and whether dating me was such a ridiculous idea. So technically, I didn’t actually ask him out…

Anyway, I was quite perplexed when he showed up at my house on Saturday with pizza and DVDs, just like he always does. I was puzzled for the first few minutes, and was mentally formulating the best way to bring it up. But then I realized how much I’d missed him, and figured it’s best to just leave things be.

One thing about Jaimie though, he has lousy taste in movies. Each time we have a movie-Saturday, we end up talking more than watching. So as we were talking, I realized just how removed the wildlife were from our situation. Here was Jaimie, being his usual self, telling me all about the birds and the bees.

Crys, there’s one thing you have to realize. Nature is there for a reason. When you go against nature, you mess with things.”


Boys are supposed to chase, that’s just the way it is. If you chase, you will get crushed.”


Because!! That’s the way it is!! Look in the wild. How many females do you see chasing males?”

Okay I had to laugh at that.

Even in nature, it’s the male creatures that are made attractive to woo females. Look at peacocks or wild birds. Or even lions. The males are nice to look at, to get the girls attention. But even then, they still have to actively seek the females, fight each other so that the toughest one wins.”

So, what you’re saying is…

I’m saying don’t ask a boy out. If he’s too scared to come after you, he’s not worth your time.”

I watched him keenly as he said that to see if there was any subliminal message for me, but, as always with Jaimie, there were no lines for me to read between. Crud.

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