Life’s frustrations

Ever been frustrated?
frustrated screamingFrustration is when one the heels on your gorgeous shoes snaps off as you are walking elegantly on the street amidst admiring male glances and envious female ones, which quickly turn to ones of pity and amusement.

Frustration is when you are at the supermarket queue and one of your items is suddenly three times what you thought it was worth and you have to tell the cashier to deduct the item, causing hold-ups at the counter as the cashier calls the head cashier to unlock and enter some code thingamajig so he can deduct it. This is all amid sneers and snide comments from the shoppers on the queue behind you.

Or when you thought it was Terrific Tuesday at Galito’s and invited your girls for an afternoon of catching up while munching on delicious pizza slices (your treat, of course), only to get there and find the offer is over.

Sadly, all the above have happened to me.The last happened to my friend but I was one of the girls getting the treat. Yeah….that didn’t go so well.

Frustration is an everyday occurrence. And what I just wrote here are the best ones. As in, the least frustrating incidences (you can only imagine what I’ve been through)

So what did I do?
For scenario one, I just continued walking (not so elegantly), got into the first matatu I could get, stumbled home and threw the shoes to the back of my closet where moth and dust shall surely destroy.

For the second scenario, I just ignored everyone, quickly popped a rock CD into my brain’s CD player and even proceeded to shake my head to the music, imagining the other shoppers stares (I couldn’t see them, I was too busy enjoying my “music”)

I can’t remember what I did for the pizza mishap, something about shaking my fist at the Galitos (then Nandos) staff and feeling sorry for my friend, but even sorrier for myself at having no pizza.

Anyway, frustrations will come and go. It’s part of life, sadly. Just grin and bear it. You’ll laugh about it one day. See, I’m laughing at mine, inside. I’m laughing on the inside.

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