Was it really a tree?

treeThe tree of knowledge of good and evil. God put Adam and Eve in paradise and gave them one rule: Don’t eat it. They couldn’t do it.

Chances are if God hadn’t put the condition, they’d have left the tree alone. You know how us humans love to break rules. God knows it too, and he knew that by telling them ‘don’t’ that they would. So why did He do it? Coz he’s God, not Hitler. He gives us choices, he gives us options, he gives us wisdom and strength to make the right choices. We generally don’t.

But if He knows that, why not just take the option away? Coz he’s God. He made man, not robots. Spiritual truths. If you feel tempted to argue, you’re probably not in the Holy Spirit programme.

But I digress. Lots of people think it wasn’t a tree at all, even though the forbidden fruit sells a lot of Macs…just check the logo. A lot of people think the fruit was a lot more gymnastic. I won’t get into that.

My issue is with the knowledge. You can’t eat an apple and suddenly discover ’stealing is bad’. Especially if you have no idea of what stealing is! So what was the knowledge? Simple : guilt.

There was just one rule – don’t eat the fruit. They ate the fruit. They felt bad, because they had broken the rule. They felt ashamed. They had never felt shame before, and they recognized the difference between shame and innocence. So the knowledge of good and evil is guilt. It’s knowing how it feels to be right, and knowing how it feels to be wrong.

So yes, they died in the moment they ate that fruit. They died to innocence. And the only thing that saves us from that death, from that guilt, is faith. It’s believing that somewhere far away, a good man died on a tree for our badness, and rose from the dead.

You can’t learn good and evil by eating a fruit, and you can’t unlearn guilt by looking at a cross. But you can believe both by faith, and you can’t live without faith; not in this world, and not in the next.

So then, was it a tree? Get on your knees and ask Him yourself, He just might tell you. And was it really a snake? How come the snake got punished for the devils sins? Did snakes have legs in Eden? And didn’t Eve find it strange that this particular animal was talking to her? Ama she was a Dr Dolittle? Hmm, now that I need to find out.

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  • http://www.randomkei.blogspot.com KK

    Actually I think it was a tree… A Mugumo tree. I seem to recall my granny telling me some such tale… though I don’t recall any mention of a snake; but that’s probably because she knew I was afraid of snakes. Actually, come to think of it, she never mentioned any fruit… or rules for that matter. Just an old couple with a lot of daughters… Maybe that was a whole different story altogether.. huh?

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/bailey/ bailey

    This is soooo profound! I have never thought of it like that…the absence/loss of innocence i.e. guilt.
    PS: I love this line:
    “If you feel tempted to argue, you’re probably not in the Holy Spirit programme.”

  • http://www.dailytitbits.wordpress.com/ rahab_k

    What exactly was the sin?
    Misrepresentation or eating the fruit?
    Why was the fruit so easily available anyway?

    i like your view on it being guilt and consequent loss of innocence…. something to wrap me mind around.

    you say the snake took the blame think otherwise. i wonder though why woman had to take the blame for it. Didn’t we all partake? aren’t we the weaker sex? * i use that card in such scenarios*

  • http://metalheadjunior.blogspot.com Vermin RawDentures

    @rahab_k love your the premises of yo arguments. But then, that’s probably because we’re both outta the Holy Spirit Program hehe

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/crystal/ Crystal

    not necessarily, just like minded probably :-)

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/crystal/ Crystal

    er … no comment? But I like your train of thought :-)

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/crystal/ Crystal


  • http://lily.co.ke/members/crystal/ Crystal

    only you KK, only you. And it never fails to make me smile :D

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