Five things that make powerful women what they are

Esther PassarisThinking of the most powerful women known we may think of political figures like Gloria Steinem, Hilary Clinton or Esther Passaris. Or maybe Oprah, Cher or Madonna or other entertainers may come to mind.

It’s easy to comprehend “power” in celebrity, or status, in those we see on the news, or the ones that write best-sellers or live in the public eye. But authentic power is something much more restrained and inspirational. Webster’s Dictionary defines powerful as “having power, authority, influence.” According to this definition, being powerful is not in any way related to being a public figure, a superstar, a multi-millionaire or a politician.

While the world unquestionably needs revolutionaries and entertainers, (considering the influence of the late Michael Jackson) and politicians, (well, that one’s disputable) what the world needs in increasing measure are everyday women, not taking advantage of their power to position themselves over others, to re-write history or be wealthy and famous, but instead women who will utilize their power to build splendid lives for themselves.

The human race desperately needs women that direct their power into touching hearts with their authenticity, stirring emotions with their expressiveness and impacting their worlds with their “regular” lives. For in so doing, women will transform the world, re-write history, will be remembered… as women who recognized and exercised their power.

Do you understand the secrets of power-full living? How can you attract more power into your life? It’s simpler than you suppose…

1. A powerful woman recognizes her leakages, and patches them right away.
Everyone has an incredible potential for power. Think of this potential as a fuel tank, power being the fuel that moves you. When you have a leakage — even the tiniest pin-hole– you lose your power. Do you recognize where in your life you are losing power? What people, activities, obligations, or thought processes drain you of your power? As you come upon them, “patch” them up by making necessary changes.

2. A powerful woman exercises her authority.
Not meaning that you start bossing about your subordinates but absolutely means you stand up for your values, do not accept to be a door-mat, assume full responsibility for your life, refuse the “victim role, refuse to “settle” for less than you ought to have in life and love, and use your power to speak your mind.

3. A powerful woman re-fuels frequently.
Like fuel, power gets spent the more you “move”. It is necessary to re-fuel your power, the more you exercise it. A powerful woman does this by connecting with inspiration frequently and regularly, by expressing her creativity, reading good books, praying, meditating and exercising. There are a million different ways you can re-power. Settle for what appeals to your heart and do it.

4. A powerful woman surrounds herself with fellow powerful women.
Reality is, you won’t always feel strong and in control. Troubles, fears, and real-life problems have a way of exhausting our power. Women who are linked to other women can share their power. When one friend is low on power, another can “siphon” some of hers to share. Driving on “E” and puttering out on the side of life’s highway, a caring comrade can pick you up and bring you to the nearest re-fueling station.

5. A powerful woman shares her power.
It seems to go against what we think of as “Powerful,” not so? The good news is; sharing your power doesn’t lessen your power. You can share your power possibly by mentoring a teenage girl, writing poetry from the heart, raising strong and independent kids, or by putting your arm around someone who’s sad and empty; there are numerous ways you can share your power. And in contrast to those horrible “fuel-leak” energy-drains, this one essentially works in reverse. On sharing your power, the world becomes a little brighter, a little more beautiful, and YOU become more even power-filled than you were before.

Therefore recognize your point of power, your sources of energy, where you lose power, how to re-fill your tank, and how you can share your power.

Today, consider your remarkable potential for a power-filled life. And start living it.

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