Introducing James [Part 2]

crystal dingsSue: So did you offer it?

Crys : Yep

Tina : And he said…?

Crys : That he has the uneasy feeling it would be a perfect fit.

Sue : Ooooooh that’s sooo romantic! Did he try it on?

James : I bet he changed the subject.

Crys : Actually, he did change the subject…how did you know?

James : Coz he didn’t mean it.

Crys : And how would you know that?

James : Coz if he meant it, he wouldn’t talk about it, he’d just wear it. If a guy likes you, he’ll say so. He won’t leave you guessing.

Crys : But he did say it. He said my jacket would be a perfect fit. That means he wants to wear it.

James : Crystal, if a man wants to wear your love jacket, he will simply take it, wear it, and swap with his, so that you don’t feel cold.

Silence as the girls discover James has depth.

James : What.

Crys : Nothing. But you’re wrong. I know he likes me. He kept saying all these beautiful things to me…

James : That’s called flirting.

Crys : But he wasn’t! I told him not to flirt with me. I told him I always take flirts more seriously than they meant to be taken.

Tina : What did he say to that?

Crys : He said he would double the dosage in future.

James giggles. [do guys giggle?]

Crys : WHAT.

James : Kwani what do you think he meant?

Crys : Obvious! If I take flirts seriously, and he wants to double the dose, then it means he wants me to take him seriously.

James attempts suicide, in more ways than one, by laughing his head off. Crystal ignores him.

Crys : It was in his voice. The way he said it. His voice was reaaaal soft, you know, almost whispering. It sounded sooo tender. And he was looking right into my eyes…sigh

James : booty call

Crys : What was that?

James : Any dude who reads your blog knows how to push your buttons, you don’t exactly hide them.

Tina : He makes a good point.

Crys : Riswa! The lot of you.

…to be continued…

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