A Lady and Her Shoes

black women shoes“What’s with women and shoes?” a frequent question asked by my male friends.


How can they even ask that?!

The thing is, shoes define a woman. The classier, the better. The more unique, the more impressive. Hence the seemingly endless search for the perfect pair, and a tremendous accumulation of other near-perfect pairs in the process.

A pair of shoes can transform a boring, plain outfit into a striking ensemble. It can transform a normal gait into a stately walk, reminiscent of a supermodel on a catwalk.

Most importantly, shoes, good ones, give a woman confidence. She stands up straighter, walks majestically and generally feels good about herself. And as we all know, confidence is what really brings out the woman’s inner beauty. Confidence is attractive, and every lady wants to be and feel attractive.

Not just any old pair of shoes will do. It has to be “in”, classy, stylish. High heels are preferred. They tend to look classier and bring out the woman’s figure and posture better than low heels.

Comfort is not the issue. The look is what’s important.

I have heard several snickers behind palms: “How is she able to walk in those heels? Why would she do that to herself?”

She does it because she can! Power to the shoe-loving woman!

So, the next time you see women crowded in a little shop furtively trying on shoes, don’t judge. They are merely in a valid search for self-actualization. Or something.

Aren’t we all?

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