Getting the perfect wedding gown

getting-the-perfect-wedding-gownWhat are the three things that all the wedding guests often look forward to at a wedding? The wedding cake, the wedding setup and your wedding gown. Not necessarily in that order. So how do you get the perfect wedding dress, that will leave your groom in awe, and your wedding guests delightfully surprised  as you walk down the aisle? The secret lies in finding the wedding gown that will flatter your body silhouette. It’s all about your body. Find out our secrets that will help you dress your body right.

The Hour glass body
You have been blessed with a big chest, curvaceous hips and a small waist that all blend in seamlessly to bring out the   hourglass effect. You want to show off your lovely figure and simultaneously make your body shape look proportionate. So what do the fashion doctors recommend for you?

The best wedding gown styles for a bride with an  hourglass shape, are those  that follow your curvy lines, without too much emphasis on  either the top or the bottom, and that show off your defined waistline.

Examples of options that you could explore are like the A-Line wedding gown, which drops off from your waist to show off your beautiful hips, or the mermaid and sheath wedding gowns . Avoid a high waistline wedding gown style, like an empire gown as it may make you look disproportionate.

For your wedding gown neckline you could go for the sweetheart , v neck or off the shoulder neckline. Ensure that your neckline flatters your bust appropriately.

Round / Thick Waisted Body
Your body is punctuated by a thick mid section, that is, your middle area is thick and undefined. The line from your shoulders to your hips is straight.

You should consider getting a wedding gown that will minimize your waist and that will flare just below your waist area, like an A-line wedding gown, or an Empire wedding gown. Avoid any wedding gowns that bring a lot of emphasis to your middle, waist region.

Full figure
This is one of the most common body shapes and is characteristic of the well endowed kenyan bride. You have a full bust, full hips and a big butt with lovely round hips! You want to give your body length at the same time reduce its width. This is best achieved via the A-line which will reduce your fullness. A ball gown will also flatter you but avoid the sheath and mermaid wedding  dress as they  make you look heavier.

For your neckline you could have a low v-neck or scoop neckline. Avoid spaghetti straps.

Pear Shape
Your body type is often referred to as bottom heavy! You are small on the top but quite heavy at the bottom. So you would want to reduce the emphasis on the bottom and increase the emphasis on top so as to create a proportionate look.

Draw attention to your top half by wearing a bodice that has beautiful decorated beadwork. Draw emphasis away from your bottom half by wearing a ball gown, empire waist dress or an A-line. Avoid drawing emphasis by wearing styles like sheath, mermaid or trumpet this brings loads of attention to your heavy bottom.

Petite is the French word for tiny ( but do I say).Different schools of thoughts suggest different ideas, with regards to the petite bride’s bridal gown.

I am from the school of thought that suggests that you should keep away from a dramatic gown like a princess ball gown reason being that the gown will look as though it is wearing you. In view of this I would suggest that the bride wear an A-line dress or a sheath dress.

Other schools of thought suggest that the bride should wear full skirts with very little detail like the princess gown. I guess my advice would be try on the different styles and take what suits you best!

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Wanjiku Kariuki is a certified wedding planner and coordinator and is the lead consultant of, a Kenyan wedding website.