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wedding bands

The Wedding Band is a sure sign that clearly states to the world that you are married. It is the one item that will make you nostalgic and take you back to that moment when you said those two precious words “I do”. You want this moment to be precious and memorable when you gaze at the rock on your left finger, to be blissful not one of utmost regret because your ring was the wrong color or wrong size! So what are the key things that you should keep into account when you are going to get your wedding bling!

No. 1
What do you fancy? Some love silver others gold, some platinum others diamonds. What do you fancy on your wedding ring finger ? Based on this choose the type of ring that you would love to have on your finger. Browse through jewellery websites and magazines and see examples of your future ring. Visit your local jewellery store and try out a few of the styles that you admire to get the feel of your ring! Keep in mind factors like allergies and wear and tear in mind when choosing your wedding band.

Create your bling budget!  Before you set out  to get your wedding bands, it would be advisable if you  have a set budget of the money you intend to spend on your wedding bands. You are allowed to be abit extravagant as you will always wear your wedding band after “I do” . Be extravagant but at the same time also be realistic, you don’t have to break the bank because you want the Cartier designer ring.

Be practical! Well the ring may look all beautiful but may not be suitable for your job description. Choose a wedding band whose design will be able to withstand all the wear and tear that comes along with your job description. Watch out for rugged gem edges that get caught quite easily and also for rings with gaps which allow for dirt and grime to settle easily in the cracks.

No. 4
Go for quality. A large part of your wedding budget is going into purchasing your wedding band! So you have to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Genuine wedding bands often have marks that guarantee their authenticity and a majority of wedding bands often have two marks. One mark gives the manufacturers details while the second mark is the quality mark e.g. 18k gold or plat!

Avoid trends and go for a classic design. You will wear your wedding band for the rest of your life, so choose a style and design that is classic and sure not to go out of date! Classic styles always stand the test of time.

Get the perfect fit! The jeweler can either use a ring sizing device or a ring from his collection to get you the perfect wedding band fit! The ring sizing device measures the wedding band according to your ring finger. Keep in mind a few factors that affect the ring size this include warm and cold weather, weight gain or loss and for women menstruation. It is advisable to do your wedding ring fit when your body temperature is normal but the jeweler will   guide you on this.

Flatter you finger. Like you wedding gown or tuxedo the wedding ring is meant to flatter your finger. Pick a ring that will flaunt your finger and not flatter your flaws.

Your wedding band and engagement ring should complement each other. Most brides often wear both their wedding bands and engagement together. Some jewelers often sell the engagement and wedding ring as a set that locks into each other. If you plan on wearing both rings at the same time this could be a wise option.

The bride’s and groom’s rings needn’t rhyme! As a couple you are at liberty to choose wedding bands that reflect your own personal tastes. For the couple’s that would like to have matching bands the bride can choose an elegant and ornate band, while the groom can opt for a simple and sophisticated band though both styles will be the same.

Now that you have all your wedding ring tips in order, its time to go out and order your wedding band. It is advisable if you would order your wedding ring between two and four months before your wedding date. Have them engraved in time if you wish to. Also look out for any after sales services that include cleaning and polishing of the wedding bands!

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