How to get rashes off your face, the kienyeji way

glass-of-milkMy dear aunt, out of concern (or over-concern) about the state of my rash-filled face, offered me some advice: (First, some drama) “What are these on your face? Didn’t I tell you to be cleansing it? What products do you use?”

(Then, after my meek explanations) “You have a dinner this week and you can’t go like this! Okay, don’t panic. (Who’s panicking??) Just go and apply a milk mask.”

My best friend interjected at this point. “Or yogurt. You could try yogurt.”
Enter my dear aunt again. “No, yogurt is processed so it’s not ideal. Just apply milk on your face at night and let it dry.”

Excitedly, me: “Then I wash it off?” (I’m just not a big fan of milk). My aunt, again, “No, silly. You keep it on overnight, then wash it off in the morning.” (Euuuww, seriously??)

I answered, “OK.”

As I thought about my big-deal dinner and my not-so-presentable face, I decided to try this miracle-cure of hers. I duly applied the milk on my face, waited for it to dry and went to bed, veeeeery skeptical about the whole thing.

In the morning I woke up, my face was feeling taut and dry. I washed off the mask and, what do you know, my face was noticeably smoother and felt brighter! Really, just milk? I asked myself.

So I did it again for the rest of the week and my face continued to improve. Arguably, by the date of the dinner it was looking better than it had in weeks.

So, go ahead, try it. It works. But of course, give it a few weeks.

Oh, and listen to your aunts. They have a wealth of experience and advice (well, not always good advice, but advice all the same)

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  • lilburdy

    I think I know who wrote this….awesome I’ll try it

  • Crystal

    Milk hmm? Will give it a shot, now that I can no longer happily drink it. I looove my milk, but I’m getting lactose intolerant **pout**

  • Keren Meli Solloh

    i will certainly try it because im getting fed up with this rashes

  • Rachey

    Let believe it gonna work out perfectliy

  • fifi

    i have tried this remedy and true to your words i can actually see some change,though am afraid to admit it i can actually see some changes.
    but mu q is we are always told to cleanse our faces at night to live the pores free to breath n i asked my self aren’t we blocking the pores overnight with the milk mask?

  • Crystal

    I tried it, it works. Yay!! Throw in a good steaming and the face is like a baby. Thanks!!

  • hellen

    gonna try it out..thanks

  • Sheila

    wow al try it kipin my fingers crossed!!!!

  • suzzy

    i sure will try it today.

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