Bridesmaids Dressed To Kill

Bridesmaids dressed to kill

Many brides tend to forget that how the bridesmaids dressed is of key importance! Your bridesmaids will be in your wedding photographs and so it is critical that you pay attention to what they wear. To avoid this follow the following tips to the latter and you will not be disappointed!

Color Co-ordinate
It is not advisable to have your bridesmaids wear different colors unless your wedding color theme is rainbow! Your bridesmaids should be carefully color coordinated  for example if your wedding color scheme is black and red two bridesmaids could wear black dresses with red sashes while the other two could wear red dresses with black sashes. Bridesmaids should wear dresses that reflect the color scheme. Gone are the days when bridesmaids would wear dull dresses wedding trends nowadays dictate that bridesmaids are allowed to be as colorful and as bold as they want to be!

Your bridesmaids have different body builds and you ought to take this factor into account. You can have your bridesmaids go for different styles for their attire that flatter their bodies or you could choose a style that is universally flattering like an A-line which is fit for everyone.

Odd man out
As the bride you ought to be the outstanding one, so the outfits that you choose for your bridesmaids should complement your wedding gown and not compete with it. Avoid choosing bridesmaids attire that is similarly colored to your wedding gown for example if you as the bride are dressed in white, it would be unwise if your bridesmaids all wore white dresses!

Bits & Blend
You can blend the style of attire that the bridesmaids shall wear. You can have a clever mix of dresses, tops and bottoms. Your bridesmaids should be free to experiment with different styles of wedding tops and bottoms, they should be in a position to make a choice with regards to design. The color and fabric is often the bride’s prerogative.

About the bill
Tradition had always dictated that the bridesmaids should foot the bill for their wedding wardrobe. Kindly take everyone’s pocket size into consideration when coming up with a design! It would be inconsiderate for you not to take this into account as the bridesmaids are actually doing you a favor to be in your bridal party.

Most Kenyan bridesmaids don’t wear their bridesmaids outfits after the wedding even though they often have spent a fortune on them. This is because either the fabric is too loud or the style screams out wedding!!! .  It would be wise , therefore, for bridesmaids to choose their outfits that can be recycled after the wedding. Simple dresses can be converted into any bridesmaids dress dream by a sash, so your bridesmaids should go for dresses that they can convert and wear after the wedding!

The Seal of approval
As the bride it is your bridal duty to give the final approval with regards to the bridesmaids attire! After all it is your wedding day. You will be responsible to scout for  bridesmaids tailor, or advise them appropriately on where to order their dresses.

Maid in charge
Your schedule will probably be too packed for you to attend all your bridesmaids fittings. It would be good to put your maid of honour in charge of informing the bridesmaids about their dress fitting appointments. Only hand over this responsibility to your maid of honour once you are done choosing the bridesmaids outfits and accessories!

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