After the Engagement!

Wedding RingsYou have just got engaged! So where do you start with regards to planning your wedding? This question often puzzles many brides & grooms because they are totally clueless. So start from the beginning!

We are getting Married!
Announce the engagement to your family & friends. This could be done via an engagement party, save the date emails, SMS’s. MMs’s and visits to the parents. Save the date emails are free and are offered by most wedding websites online. Create an MMS with a photo of you and your partner, with the wedding day details this would be a creative way of doing it, without breaking the bank.

The D-day!
Set a date. Your wedding date could be a special date to both of you e.g. an anniversary date, the bride/ groom’s birthday e.t.c. Be sure to take into consideration the following factors weather, wedding seasons (prices often shoot up during the wedding seasons!), public holidays e.t.c.

Bringing your dream alive!
Design your dream wedding day. What have you always visualized your wedding day to be. Visualize it and bring it to life. This is the time all your wedding day dreams, magazine cut outs, bookmarked wedding websites should be unleashed. As a couple discuss how you would like your day to be. Remember its all about you and your partner not about Aunty Margaret or Uncle Thomas.

Wedding Themes & Color Schemes
Get down to the details with regards to your wedding theme. Do you want a beach wedding, country wedding, Island wedding, African wedding, a black and white wedding, and green wedding? Having a wedding theme helps you customize your wedding so that it can be all about you!! You can get wedding theme ideas from your wedding vendors, wedding websites and also the local wedding magazines.

Money Money Money
Create your wedding budget. Have your overall wedding budget and use a wedding budget model to help you determine what you should spend on each wedding category. Book a wedding consultancy with a certified Wedding Specialist to assist you with this. Have your budget ready when you are going to visit your vendors.

Bringing it all together
Now that you have all your plans laid out, you should begin the execution. Get the best vendors, at the best price to help you bring your dream wedding day all together.

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Wanjiku Kariuki is a certified wedding planner and coordinator and is the lead consultant of, a Kenyan wedding website.