8 tips on how to look slimmer

Diva DivineThe way you dress can help you
I know many of us have had to ask some of the strangest questions, especially to men. Some go like this; how do I look with this dress? Does this pant make me look fat? The better majority of us try asking these questions to our reflections in the mirror. But I hate to believe that all of us women we tailored to be worried about the same thing, I mean there must be something we can for sure blame. Don’t you think some clothes actually make us look bigger and fatter? Fashion experts like me tend to believe so. There are many opinions about this. What makes you look fat and what can take 10 pounds and a few inches off your waist? Among the many recommendations that the experts keep repeating on TV programs and books, I believe that the following work the best:

1. Positive focus
If you are overweight (later on I will teach you how you can know whether you are or not), first of all, do not feel bad about your body. You would be nothing without your body and it hell supports you when walking, talking, breathing, so love it. This therefore does not mean that you get a license to eat unhealthy and not workout but your weight and your perception about yourself should not be related. You have to focus on the positive aspects of you: your smile, your eyes, your waist, your legs, etc. Accentuate the positive and disguise the negative. When you flaunt it, people will notice it and when you shun it people will repulse it too.

2. Love color and do not be afraid to experiment with it
Black is not the only option to look slender. Color and variety can help you look thinner. If you select a monochromatic look that goes well with your skin tone, you will make people look at your glowing face. Do not be afraid of color; the secret is to use one color in many different tones and you have created a monochromatic look. Be sure not to look like a rainbow though!!!

3. Elongate your body
If you are not very tall, and most of us are not, try to elongate your body by using pants that cover your shoes. This is a tip my mother gave me. If your pants cover your shoes, your legs look longer and you look taller plus your butt looks sexier. Why do you think ladies wear the crazy heels in the X-rated movies?

4. Do not use clothes that do not fit
Many women think that if the clothes are tight or loose they will look thinner. This is not true; they will only look fatter, instead not to mention shabby. Your clothes have to fit your body; neither oversized nor undersized does the trick. You can try finding a good tailor for your office clothes and even when you buy second hand clothes, you can still add a touch of your personality in your clothes.

5. Not too tight
On the negative side, tight clothes only make us look like a sausage and like my friend Laura Kote says, saving up for goodbye cellulite is hard!! – You look so stuffed that some of the fat comes out and calls attention. That is precisely what we do not want: attention in the wrong places. Be careful not to wear tops that show your tummy from down this makes you look pregnant, instead try wearing tops that come right below waist line.

6. Not too loose clothes
Oversized clothes may hide the imperfections but it does not do justice to your positive points and you will look not only bigger, but also without any shape. You are highlighting the very things you want to hide. Forget big T-shirts and blouses without any fitting.

7. Avoid extra material around your tummy
Pants with pleats, elastic waist or string waists are only adding volume to your waist. Same applies to skirts. Do I need to add anything here… guess not!!

8. Be careful with accessories
Accessories can also make you look fatter or skinnier: if you have a tummy, large belts should be avoided, because you are putting attention on your tummy. The same way necklaces too close to your face should be used carefully if you have a double chin, because it will accentuate the chin; longer necklaces have the opposite effect. If you are fat, avoid chunky necklaces as these make your neck look shorter and you end up looking like Barney from The Flintstones.

Now you know some things to watch out for when you are wondering if that great outfit makes you look fat.

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